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Nicolis Project

Experience the future of Retail

We are the experts in designing solutions for centralised information management and digital communication at the stores. To date, we have more than 16 active patents, demonstrating a strong spirit of innovation and a continuous search for excellence.
Choose Nicolis Project, experience the future of retail.

Nicolis Project

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About Us

Our commitment has always been to help companies in the retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors in the evolution from paper to digital, optimising operational processes and improving the customer experience.

We are bringing the Digital Revolution to the world of retail, through intelligent, multimedia and integrated systems that aim to streamline communication, optimise productivity and increase sales.

At the heart of it all is our Profimax software: a powerful, centralised communication management tool that connects all digital devices and touch points, from electronic tags to digital signage solutions.

Our main characteristic, which has allowed us to be among the first in the industry, is a strong drive for innovation and a vision that is always one step ahead. This is due to constant investment in R&D, important international partnerships and a team of in-house developers who study market trends and anticipate retailers’ needs. Always at the side of those who choose us as their partner in Digital Evolution, even in the after-sales phase, with the dedicated Help Desk team.

Choose Nicolis Project,
experience the future of retail.

The partnership with the Nicolis Project is a stimulus in the quest for continuous improvement through offering technologically advanced solutions."

Maurizio Barsacchi - Director of Marketing, Innovation and OrganisationCONAD NORD OVEST

We chose the Nicolis Project because we saw not only the technological validity of the solutions, but above all the security of a collaboration based on an ongoing relationship, involving a strong commitment between the two partners."

Lorenzo Rossetto - CEO of Rossetto GroupROSSETTO GROUP

Nicolis Project is an important partner for us. Together we are building a path of digital evolution with interactive technologies and solutions in our shops. A reliable ally with whom we share the same values."

Giorgio Annis - Chief Executive OfficerABBI GROUP

Nicolis Project is an important partner for the sustainable development of Megamark and the digital evolution in our shops. The use of electronic labels has reduced the use of paper in the Megamark group's supermarkets by 98% in recent years."

Francesco Pomarico - Operations DirectorMEGAMARK GROUP

Nicolis Project has been able to accompany us in the choice of solutions that have proved successful; this would not be enough if it had not been followed up by constant monitoring of the evolution of technologies, which has allowed us to go beyond the first choices made, continuing to equip ourselves with the most up-to-date systems on the market."

Claudio Vettore - Digital Marketing & ICT DirectorIPERAL

We are delighted to collaborate with the Nicolis Project, whose high level of expertise in key sectors such as retail is helping us to innovate and revolutionise important sectors of the Italian and global economy. The development of cloud-based technologies such as profimax cloud underpin the digital transformation of our country, and will enable us to enable change in a pervasive manner. Thanks to technology and expertise, the new frontiers of the shopping experience become accessible and will act as a driver for the next steps towards digitisation."

Giacomo Frizzarin - Director Small, Medium and Corporate DivisionMICROSOFT ITALY

Step by step, we accompany you towards an increasingly innovative, integrated, smart and high-performance store



We have been working together with the biggest retailers for 20 years. A long journey that has led us to grow together.


Through a structured organisation, we turn ideas into projects.


It is the technology that adapts to your company’s needs.


Digitisation is a journey to be taken together with those who are able to stand by your side.

Our Values: from Tradition to Innovation


The energy that has driven the company's growth


The ability to always look one step ahead, managing to overcome even the most difficult challenges


The ability to always look one step ahead, managing to overcome even the most difficult challenges


The person is at the centre of change: that is why we consider training as a commitment to continuous growth


We look to the future
with an inventive spirit

Out of the box

We think outside the box, to be the first to reach the target and win the curiosity and trust of the market


We look to the future with an inventive spirit

Out of the box

We think outside the box, to be the first to reach the target and win the curiosity and trust of the market


We always give our best

Go to market

We identify our customers' needs and methodically and responsively transform them into innovative products


Our history is full of successes and customers satisfied with our commitment and achievements


We are able to react, turning critical issues into opportunities thanks to the commitment of everyone. Teamwork is important so that we win together

Nicolis Project Academy

Retail-friendly training

New devices, new technologies, new studies and new strategies. The retail world is constantly evolving and staying up-to-date means improving the performance and productivity of our stores.
That is why we wanted to create the Nicolis Project Academy:
a training space where we organise learning,
refresher and in-depth courses in collaboration with professionals, university lecturers and leading retailers on the Italian and European scene.

Our goals

Providing retailers with new tools through our training courses, including the possibility of creating ad-hoc training sessions

Promoting debate and knowledge exchange, monitoring innovation and change, contributing to the development of the retail sector

Promoting the culture and growth of the retail sector

In a market scenario that appears increasingly complex and constantly evolving, the Nicolis Project Academy offers valuable content and strategic activities that provide the tools to be up-to-date and competitive, and to be able to take full advantage of new trends.


Make your store more productive, digital and advanced

Ask us how our electronic labels can be the perfect solution for your shop.