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Digital solutions for the retail sector

Electronic Labels and Digital Signage for Supermarkets

The role of the supermarket has changed: it is no longer just a place to buy products, but a place to try out new ways of shopping. Nicolis Project technology helps retailers in the retail sector to offer valuable in-store communication, freeing operators from low value-added activities and improve productivity. Many of the needs of the modern store can be met by digital technologies: from efficient price management to optimising staff operations, Nicolis Project is at your side as you move towards Digital Evolution.


More value to your supermarket thanks to Digital Evolution

The reason why large supermarket chains are making the transition from paper to digital is the promise of greater accuracy, clarity and reliability, both in store-customer communication and in the management of work processes. Electronic labels, first and foremost, display much more than the correct price: today, they have become an indispensable tool on supermarket shelves, enabling unprecedented levels of productivity.

Not to mention all the digital, multimedia and interactive devices and tools that take the customer experience to another level, improving their loyalty and performance. From queue management totems for the management of service counters, to the most innovative and advanced smart retail tools, retail outlets that choose Nicolis Project also experience a marked improvement in terms of management efficiency, internal operations and the management of sales and marketing strategies.

Trust Nicolis Project, experience the future of retail.

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Advantages & Benefits


Thanks to innovative devices and software


Improved, with more information


Dynamic and centralised


Thanks to digitisation


More advanced and smart


The operational activities of sales staff

Explore the complete range of digital retail solutions from Nicolis Project, we are sure you will find the ideal in-store communication system for your shop from our extensive range.

Bringing your supermarket into the Digital Evolution

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