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Our project is a greener future

All the activities implemented, within the company and towards our customers, contribute to protecting the environment, with a view to sustainability and responsibility towards the future of the Planet.

Within our company and on the ground, we support projects for a more sustainable future, respecting Nature and being responsible for our Planet. We bring this commitment to our solutions, so that the Digital In-Store Evolution also becomes an opportunity for more sustainable retail.


Nicolis Project for the environment

Here are all the activities we have put in place, within the company and towards our customers, that contribute to protecting the environment, with a view to sustainability and responsibility towards the future of the Planet.

Within the Company


For years we have had separate waste collection in all offices and warehouses, especially paper and plastic.


We only choose energy from renewable sources, certified by the company Gestore dei Servizi Energetici with Guarantees of Origin.


We encourage the adoption of sustainable behaviour in the company such as switching off lights when they are not being used, reducing printing, encouraging the use of reusable, non-plastic bottles.


We have also acted on aspects of everyday life in the office: plastic scoops at the coffee dispenser are not dispensed when sugar is not selected and soon we will only use paper or biodegradable cups.

For retail


Smart price updating for more careful and conscious management of deadlines and waste.


Digital evolution also means less paper consumption and less waste.


Our roadmap for a greener future

Your Eco-friendly partner

By choosing Nicolis Project, you choose a company that takes concrete steps towards sustainability, pollution reduction and care for the environment.

Low Plastic Packaging to curb plastic production

We have adopted sustainable packaging made of recycled and recyclable cardboard for our products, reducing the use of plastic wherever possible.

FSC forest-friendly paper

For printing corporate and marketing materials, we only choose paper that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and that comes from responsibly managed forests.

Sustainable packaging becoming a new resource

We use filler paper to replace plastic bubble wrap and paper tape for our product shipments, which can then be recycled and used again.

Environmentally Friendly Block Notes

In our offices we use recycled and recyclable paper, we advocate not using printers unless absolutely necessary and to use note pads (made of FSC paper) on both sides, to reduce waste.

Nicolis Green Project

What is the Nicolis Green Project

The Nicolis Green Project is a forest repopulation programme that combines sustainability, commitment and recognition. A project that saw our company plant ten Paulownia trees for each of Nicolis Project’s long-standing customers, to form a forest of 120 specimens. An initiative that is a gift to our customers and an investment for the future of our Planet.

Nicolis Green Project has the numbers to make a difference

Our green lung embodies our commitment to lowering CO2, contributing to the fight against climate change and laying the foundations for a more sustainable tomorrow.


new trees in 1 year


companies involved

12t of CO2

captured per year

A green lung
just one step away


For this forest repopulation project, we chose Treebu, an Italian start-up operating in the province of Verona, a few kilometres from our headquarters.


Paulownia grows faster and absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 than any other plant. Thanks to its efficiency, our contribution to nature will bring important results in a short time.

Nicolis Project is also a Business for Nature of the WWF

We joined WWF’s Business for Nature project to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the world we live in.


Our contribution supports projects to protect and regenerate the Italian territory, its iconic species and WWF oases.

Make your shop more sustainable, digital and advanced

Ask us what we can do to digitise your store, to make it more productive and environmentally friendly.