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Digital solutions for the Perfumery, Hygiene and Beauty sector

Electronic Labels and Digital Signage for Perfumeries and Hygiene and Beauty Stores

Today, consumers are increasingly aware of the composition of products and their impact on the environment, especially in the world of hygiene and beauty. To satisfy their desires and make your business more productive, whether it be a perfumery or a beauty and hygiene retail outlet, it is essential to equip the store with advanced, technological tools, such as electronic labels and digital signage solutions, so that communication within your store becomes more efficient, engaging, high-performance and provides the information your customer is looking for. Nicolis Project provides you with personalised advice and the ideal tools to make your shop a successful business.


More value to your perfumery and beauty store thanks to Digital Evolution

Modern, refined, productive and efficient. Your store is ready to take a step forward in the Digital Evolution thanks to Nicolis Project technology.
With electronic labels you efficiently manage in-store operational activities, freeing up more time for operators to offer their specialised advice to customers, increasing productivity. In addition, you have the security of always having up-to-date, real-time and centralised prices. Thanks to NFC technology, you can provide all the information the customer wants, such as organic, natural, sustainable, locally sourced products.
With Digital Signage multimedia devices combined with the Profimax Cloud architecture you will enhance the user experience through engaging multimedia content in the store and store window.

Trust Nicolis Project, experience the future of retail.

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Advantages & Benefits


Thanks to innovative devices and software


Improved, with more information


Dynamic and centralised


More advanced and smart


The operational activities of sales staff

Explore the complete range of digital solutions for perfumery and beauty stores from Nicolis Project, among our wide range we are sure you will find the ideal in-store communication system for your store.

Bring your perfumery and beauty store into the Digital Evolution

Do you have a question? Our experts are at your disposal for every need. Ask us how Nicolis Project solutions can improve the performance of your perfumery and beauty store.