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Features of the electronic labels

Efficient and advanced management, an innovative and interactive customer experience

Thanks to their advanced technology, update speed, durability of performance and sophisticated design, Nicolis Project electronic labels are an indispensable tool for any advanced store, guaranteeing unprecedented performance in terms of innovation, productivity, interactivity and all-round integration.
Electronic labels are designed not only for dynamic pricing, but also to enrich the shopping experience with value, interactivity and content.


What can interactive electronic labels do?

Prices always aligned

Interacting with shop management software, the digital tags always display prices and information aligned to the till system.

Enabling checks to manage products correctly on the shelf

Through remote control and management software, it is possible to know the progress of in-store activities such as shelf replenishment, display, start and end of promotions and much more. The Multicolour Led speeds up the search and the tasks to be performed.

Everything is under control thanks the ability to monitor

Everything at a glance thanks to the Profimax architecture. With the all-encompassing monitoring dashboard you can know the status of your electronic tags, current updates and have a complete overview of all your stores in real time.

Exploit the full potential of Dynamic Pricing

Activate business strategies in a few simple clicks. Thanks to electronic labels, it is now possible to take advantage of Dynamic Pricing policies, updating prices and discounts in real time.

Displaying operational information to simplify staff work

Thanks to the operator pages, back-office activity information, such as expiry dates (also for fresh produce) and the start and end date of the assortment, are only visible to shop personnel.

Interacting and communicating with your customers

The interactivity of the labels through NFC and QR codes on the display provides an innovative shopping experience and allows the tracking of customer-product interactions to gather analytics on customer preferences and their journey through the store.

Manage operational activities and tasks

The interactive functions of electronic labels allow you to associate tasks (such as checking expiry dates, restocking shelves, checking promotions) with your sales staff, which you can monitor via the control dashboard. The multi-colour LED and integration with leading PDAs speed up operations, leading to a significant improvement in productivity.


Our Solutions

Explore the complete range of electronic labels from Nicolis Project, we are sure you will find the ideal dynamic and advanced pricing system for your store from our extensive range.

Bringing your shop into the Digital Evolution

Do you have a question? Our experts are at your disposal for every need. Ask us how the features of electronic labels can improve your point-of-sale performance.