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Interactive multimedia totems

Multimedia devices to create an omnichannel experience at the store and engage customers

Our kiosks are the perfect solution for offering valuable services to customers at the store. Kiosks are the one thing that retail cannot do without when it comes to making the shopping experience easier and more complete.


Multimedia and interactive devices to offer a never-before-seen user experience

The totems make it possible to search for information on products or services in the shop, make queue or consultation reservations, consult the status of the Fidelity Card, print out recipes or product data sheets.


Elegant and minimal design, with the possibility of customising elements of the device.


Ability to broadcast videos and promotions, display and print information, manage customer waiting times, all in one tool.


Self-installation, integrated Profimax Cloud architecture and automatic update make the interactive totems ready to use and perform at all times.

Our models


Interactive btotem

btotem is an interactive device, with a touch screen display, two-dimensional barcode reader and integrated thermal printer, which enables the customer to access all the information they need in the shop.
It is a design, performance and customisable solution to best meet the ongoing needs for service and customer interaction.

btotem wall

Multimedia touch screen btotem wall

btotem wall is a mega touch screen device for interactive multimedia content. Ultra slim, with a minimalist and elegant design, equipped with a two-dimensional barcode reader, btotem wall has a variety of in-store applications. btotem wall is the advanced digital solution that brings in-store communication into the future.

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A complete range to meet every need

Explore our solutions for digital communication: we are sure you will find the proposal that meets the needs of your store from our wide range of products and specifications.

Enhance your store with our interactive totems

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