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Bsystem³ shelf communication

The complete and effective visual communication system to bring value to your store

The bsystem3 range includes various promotional shelf-highlighting solutions that communicate and promote special offers, brands and item features in a powerful and engaging way.

Bframe support for communication enhancement

An original Nicolis Project patent, bframe transforms the electronic label into a complete communication tool. It consists of a transparent polycarbonate frame, which provides a robust, secure and fast attachment system. bframe allows for both side and frontal communication tools.

Side bstop communication

Customisable side shelf highlighters designed for quick and tidy application. Bstop solutions allow you to capture the attention of customers as they pass between the shelves, drawing their eyes to promotions, brands or information relevant to your store.

Bpaper card

bpaper is an immediate and cost-effective solution that makes the most of the potential of bsystem³ through the use of traditional paper pricing. bpaper consists of a durable and elegant transparent polycarbonate container that allows for an immediate change of the paper price label.

Front blook communication

Customisable side shelf highlighters designed for quick and tidy application. Blook solutions hook into bframe, making the electronic label a marketing tool for promoting discounts, article features and useful customer information.

Front, side and vertical bclear communication

Transparent envelope container allowing the most suitable message to be displayed for each item. Flexible and versatile, bclear allows the use of paper prints for both front and side displays.


Communication system to inform your customers and give value to your offer, with a unique design


Possibility to create endless combinations and make visual communication
engaging, coordinated and effective.


Cutting-edge, technologically advanced materials of extreme flexibility and durability.


Ability to promote brands, promotions and articles, enhancing the product on the shelf.


Ease of application allows a fast set-up, reducing running costs.

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A complete range to meet every need

Explore our solutions for digital on-shelf communication: we are sure you will find the proposal that meets the needs of your store from our wide range of products and customisations.

Install bsystem3 in your stores.

Ask us how you can create a smart, high-performance shelf communication structure for your store with Nicolis Project solutions.