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Replace the take-a-number queuing machine with Digital signage and improve supermarket operations

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The simplest way to manage wait times at every supermarkets’ deli counters is using a classic take-a-number queuing system, consisting of a ticket printer and a monitor where the numbers served are displayed.

Despite being the most common, this solution does not offer any real possibility of service optimization, since it does not keep track of any historical data on customer habits for further analysis. How many people are now in line at the deli department? How long will they have to wait before being served? And above all, when is the largest influx of customers to be expected?

As well as being the perfect tool for broadcasting messages in the entire supermarket, digital signage eases operations and personnel management, through the collection and analysis of data in individual departments. By placing these devices into the store and adopting the queue management function, it is possible to:

  • deepen the knowledge on customers’ consumption habits;
  • evaluate operations in relation to the turnout;
  • anticipate and resolve departmental problems;
  • implement a targeted communication strategy.

Automate deli-counter management with Videoinfopoint

TAT feature (“your turn”) of Videoinfopoint, the digital signage system offered by Nicolis Project, offers a new way to manage queue at the deli-counters. Customers can print independently their numbered ticket from one of the totem placed in the supermarket, and keep on doing shopping. The ward operator handles the queue by calling the numbers through a remote control or the integrated scales (the V.I.P system interfaces with the Bizerba, Zenith and Digi scales). The status of the queue is displayed on all the supermarket monitors, offering customers the opportunity to use the time available in a more active way.

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For the supermarket manager, the most interesting aspect is the opportunity to access real-time data on in-store activities. From the control dashboard it is in fact possible to view useful statistics, to understand how to manage human resources based on operations and productivity. Knowing what the average service times are, how many customers are waiting and what is the balance between served customers and lost customers, the manager can:

  • optimize task assignment, based on staff performance and attitudes;
  • identify when is the time to do desk supplying or dedicate to longer and more elaborate preparations;
  • intervene in critical situations and promptly communicate urgencies to all operators;
  • reduce waste of time and resources and increase the efficiency of the department.

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