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Digital Signage Features for service counters

Make the service counter experience more pleasant and manage waiting times better

Many studies show that service counters increase the quality of the store’s offer and are the strongest motivational lever that still drives customers to prefer in-store shopping over digital shopping. That is why it is important to invest in digital solutions that can improve the operations of service personnel and enhance the customer experience.

Enhance the experience with the Queue Management totem

Less waiting time in front of the service counters and more time for your customers to shop in the aisles: digital signage solutions can also optimise waiting time in front of the service counters. The secret is the technology behind the queue management totem.

Manage department productivity more efficiently

The activity of the operators at the counters is monitored thanks to an innovative control dashboard integrated with digital signage devices. The system captures all data: service times, number of customers in queues, percentage of customers served and customers lost, allowing you to improve service strategies and, consequently, productivity.

Promote transparency and benefit from digitised book management Ingredients

Your customers will be able to check every single ingredient of the products at the counter with a simple touch. This will make it even easier to find information, while also ensuring maximum transparency, as required by law. All this can be managed more efficiently thanks to digitisation.

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Enhance the customer experience at the service counter with innovative Digital Signage technology

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