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Improve warehouse logistics with electronic shelf labels

Those who work in a warehouse know how many operations have to be done every day to know the number and the exact position of products in stock. These are obviously examples of some of the many manual activities that have to be carried out – which are complex and difficult to complete, but fundamental for the functioning of the whole company. Electronic shelf labels are the technological answer to these needs.

Interactive shelf labels (ISL) are useful for warehouse management

Interactive Shelf Labels are designed to interact with users and therefore to optimize all the activities of a store or warehouse. Specifically, ISL are Wi-Fi devices with monitoring functions and shelf notification.

The main feature of the ISLs is interactivity, that is the ability to dialogue with the operators and indicate the exact position of an item, its description and all the essential information to have an aligned and constantly updated stock. The ISLs are in fact integrated with the entire management system to update at any time the information visible to operators.

The solution to every logistics problem

With precision and efficiency, ISLs improve the productivity of a warehouse and ease management processes. Because of their features, in fact, ISLs are the ideal solution for logistics:

  • Multipages: thanks to the possibility of having multiple pages available, a lot of information can be displayed for clients, while confidential data, accessible to operators, are managed and showed only to those equipped with Remote controllers.
  • Multicolor flash light: every electronic shelf label is equipped with a LED, that according to the color displayed gives precise indications to the operators about supplying and shelf management. Thanks to this feature, productivity in the picking phase increases, the percentage of error decreases and it is certain that all the tasks have been completed.
  • Confirmation feedback: it is possible to verify the actual completion of each task and thus calculate the level of productivity.

The ISL technology makes it possible to move from a slow paper system to an electronic and interactive system that allows improving, optimizing and enhancing warehouse activities, simplifying alignment and accelerating the entire management process.