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Electronic Shelf LabelsEtichette elettroniche

Gruppo Cremonini adopts Electronic Shelf Labels for its Chef Express restaurants at RHO (Milan) and Villarboit (Vercelli)

Chef Express is one of the main restaurant chains in Italy operating at railway stations, airports and service areas along the primary national rail and road networks. Owned by the Cremonini Group, the company stands out for its focus on meeting all the food and beverage needs of travellers by offering various catering formulas and a carefully selected range of products at every store.

After testing the various functions of the electronic shelf labels for communication management, the Group decided to improve its price display and updating system at its RHO (Milan) and Villarboit (Vercelli) service areas by implementing Nicolis Project digital solutions.

A faster, more timely and efficient service thanks to Electronic Shelf Labels

The Rho Sud service area needed to have an automated price and information update system that should be practical and easy to install and operate. To ensure that travellers could enjoy a pleasant and relaxing break, something that all the Cremonini Group restaurants are famous for, it was essential that the staff would be able to concentrate mainly on customer service activities, and devote the least amount of time possible to changing paper price tags.

That was one of the reasons that led the group to opt for the electronic labelling solutions offered by Nicolis Project. Our digital tags are innovative, reliable and accurate. The underlying communication infrastructure allows for a fast and centralized management of price changes. Therefore, the department manager can modify prices in real time directly from the back office, without having to send someone to the relevant shelves to do that manually. Such a technology enables store managers to implement strategic and effective pricing policies promptly and without having to hire extra personnel.

etichette elettroniche interattive

Electronic shelf labels of different sizes have been installed on the shelves of the Chef Express restaurant at Rho (Milan). They are all equipped with e-paper displays, so that price and promotional info are always perfectly legible and highlighted through the colour layout.

Thanks to bsystem3, the communication solution for electronic shelf labels patented by Nicolis Project, the point of sale is able to highlight promotional messages or to code the product categories to be displayed. The front and side highlighters help customers to make a more informed purchase, by clearly and immediately providing details about daily special offers and discounts.

Our bsystem3 solution, which also includes a hooking system to fix the labels on shelves, can be customized according to the display needs and visual merchandising requirements of the point of sale. For example, for the Chef Express store located at Rho (Milan) we have developed a customized support for XL shlef labels that can be used for the products displayed on the island at the centre of the store. The promotional message is coded by a coloured tag, which informs travellers about the type of offer currently available for a given product.