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How to manage shelf-life expiration date with electronic shelf labels and the remote control

Thanks to ISL electronic shelf labels, supermarket staff can manage expiry date of all the items on display with ease, precision and efficiency

Managing the shelf-life expiry date is a very important and sensitive problem for supermarkets. The problem does not only concern fresh food, but all the articles mentioned by “best before”: if their sales have expired, they could result in heavy penalties for the sales point.

In most shops, the data collection deadlines are always done manually by the staff, who daily check and annotate on the paper the references found on the shelf. Unfortunately, this method is not punctual, efficient or precise – data may not be updated, paper support can be lost or damaged and there is a lack of fluidity for the control procedure.

Is there a solution to optimize shelf-life expiry date management by the personnel in the point of sale?

With electronic shelf labels, collect easily data on the expiry date of products

In addition to showing the price and all the information of the product, the electronic shelf label can facilitate the shelf-life expiry date management. This is a fast and accurate operation.
With the remote control, employees manage to collect, communicate and check on expiry dates of products on the shelf in a fast and functional way.
The electronic shelf label becomes an interactive device between the operator and profimax system, offering the possibility of greatly increasing the efficiency of the point of sale.

The operator can complete the data collection in just a few clicks. He will only have to:

  1. Type the expiry date of the product on the remote control and bring it closer to the electronic label;
  2. Set an anticipated withdrawal threshold to notify the system with how many days in advance the new check must be carried out.

Based on the data transmitted, the system will return a daily summary with the list of items to be discounted or withdrawn. The need of verification will be indicated by the lighting of the LED of the electronic shelf label: all the checking operations performed by the sales staff become more accurate and targeted.

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Particular strengths of this application

  • With the remote control and electronic labels, registering and managing the expiry date of the products become simpler and immediate.
  • In this way, the data collected are always up to date, accurate and correct.
  • All control operations by sales personnel become more precise and targeted: since the communication of the expiry date comes from the profimax software and the LED on the electronic label, you can save wasted time searching expired products. This time saved can be used to deliver good customer services and to improve his shopping experience.
  • From the profimax interface, you can export a summary in PDF file format of all the products to be checked.
  • This solution does not require any additional information for stores that have already installed profimax and interactive electronic labels.

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