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Fastening systems for electronic shelf labels

The fastening systems for electronic shelf labels are designed and developed to maximise the potential of the electronic labelling solutions, promoting the product and enhancing the point of sale.

It is a suite of products designed to protect the electronic shelf labels and make the product visible with attention to the details and particulars.

Suitable for any type of point of sale.

Label holder

Every label holder has been designed to ensure maximum visibility of the price enhancing the product and the set-up.

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Rail & Backrail

Profiles for shelves with super compact and transparent design, created to reduce to a minimum the visual impact of the label support and increase the visibility of the products on the shelf.

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Special holders

Label holder for pallet and glass counters, price holder clamps for the fruit and vegetable department, airtight boxes to protect the electronic shelf labels from oil and humidity, special stainless steel pins for service counters etc.

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Our visual communication solutions for the point of sale