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Nicolis Project brought innovation to EuroCIS with ON

EuroCIS 2019 was the worldwide preview of ON, a technology that will change the retail business

In Nicolis Project we believe in helping people to do their job better and in making every shopping experience more valuable. This is why for our participation at EuroCIS we felt the need to make this belief more practical, developing something innovative and exciting – something that would allow us to show our strong personality and our desire to bring new ideas to market. So we created ON, a solution that gives value to the physical space through the integration of products, technology and human resources dynamically located within a store.

EuroCIS 2019 was an important moment of dialogue and an opportunity to put our company on the line with a solution that can really make the difference in the way of managing purchases and store spaces. In Düsseldorf we engaged with representatives of numerous retail, industrial and electronics companies, who directly experienced some features of ON:

  • Pick & Collect, designed for those who offer home delivery and want to optimize the order preparation process;
  • Product Comparison, which helps buyers to compare independently the characteristics of similar products;
  • Product Finding, to allow customers to easily identify the desired product;
  • Real Time Shelf View, for a smart and always updated planning of the spaces available in the lane.
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Anyone who tested the solution has managed to appreciate its versatility and ease of use, along with the fact that through the interaction of a touch it is possible to define the exact position occupied by a product on the shelf. The positive feedback and the great encouragement we received during the days of the show confirm that we are on the right path and give us the right motivation to continue developing a product that is unrivaled in the technological panorama. We are at the beginning of a great transformation.

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