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With electronic shelf labels Grosso Vacanze better focuses on customer service

Electronic shelf labels renovate the store and ease price change operations

Grosso Vacanze srl is the Italian reference point for sale and rental of campers, motorhomes and camping products. Having worked in the leisure sector for 45 years, Grosso family has developed a competent and professional business and created Blurent, a network of affiliate companies from all over Italy, Spain, France.

To offer an excellent and cutting-edge service, the company has decided to invest in digital communication systems, relying on the expertise, presence and punctuality of Nicolis Project. In the sales point of Genola (Cuneo) 3950 interactive shelf labels were installed to automate the management of pricing in the accessories department.

Thanks to electronic shelf labels employees have more time to follow customers and recommend the best product

Thanks to electronic shelf labels employees have more time to follow customers and recommend the best product

Grosso Vacanze needed to fasten the prices updating, allowing the store staff to reduce the time spent on replacing products paper tags. «The time spent on consulting with clients is valuable and functional in providing a complete description of the characteristics of the vehicles on display», Cav. Grosso said «It is the only way our employees have to help customers make an conscious choice». Digital shelf labels have proved to be an efficient solution: in just a few steps, the information displayed on the shelf is always correct and aligned with the cash desk. Now employees have more time to take care of sales and focus on customer needs.

Cav. Grosso revealed that, after the adoption of electronic shelf labels, the store has been able to improve commercial policies, creating daily promotions and reducing sales below cost. «We realized that something has changed: customers are making more purchases today,» he continued. «And it is not the number or the frequency that is different from before. It is certainly due to the way in which prices and offers are shown, with the utmost transparency and linearity.»
On digital e-paper labels, which are not affected by backlighting, the price is easily readable. Offers are communicated and highlighted by bsystem3, promotional tags positioned on the front or on the free sides of the device. This color labeling system for electronic labels encodes a whole hierarchy of product information (such as “news”, “promo”, “offer”), which guides customers through purchases.

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