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How electronic shelf labels work

Electronic shelf labels improve price display in the store and manage the updating of information in real time. They are a smart and cutting-edge communication solution that allows to optimize, speed up and make all the activities of the store more efficient.

Designed for retail but also suitable for other contexts of application (from industrial processes to logistics and the pharmaceutical sector), these devices with monitoring and shelf notification communicate with users and can:

  • locate an article in the department;
  • summarize the number of pieces still available in stock;
  • provide a description of the product;
  • give instructions for a subsequent processing phase, using the multi-page feature;
  • guide internal operational processes, from product facing to promotional communications.

Everything you need to know about how electronic shelf labels work

  • Each electronic shelf label is accompanied by a unique identification code, through which it is associated with a specific product on the shelf. The system reads and recognizes this ID, and by interfacing with the store management software it transmits to the label all the correct information in real time – from prices to ongoing promotions, up to reorders, stock breaks, traceability and allergens.

  • The display adapts to the information received, both showing updates on prices and offers and modifying layouts. On the labels can be displayed QR codes and additional promotional messages, as well as vertical graphic templates to manage, for example, the representation of a completed processing phase (useful in the industrial sector).

  • At the same time, each label punctually communicates its status to the system, so that prices and information displayed are always up to date.

  • The labels are managed remotely, without the operator having to intervene manually in the lane. The store manager can decide to apply price changes, discounts and promotions to every supermarket of the chain from the back office, synchronizing the information from a central control room.

  • The transmission system does not need any software or drivers to install. It activates quickly and, thanks to the web interface, it can be used on any computer, smartphone and PDA in the store.

Improve the way you communicate in your store