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Gruppo Lombardi bets on interactivity and installs electronic shelf labels in Capurso Cash & Carry

Gruppo Lombardi boasts a long and successful entrepreneurial history in the field of wholesale food production and distribution. One of the Group’s assets is to be found in the implementation of the Cash & Carry, a highly successful formula that contributed to establishing the Group as a reference supply centre for Puglia’s supermarkets.
For the opening of a Cash & Carry outlet next to the large distribution centre of Capurso (Bari, Italy), Gruppo Lombardi decided to adopt the digital communication solutions suggested by Nicolis Project and installed 9,000 electronic shelf labels to ensure a more efficient handling of price changes.

Communication in the store departments is clear and impactful

Thanks to the cooperation of CSM, our valuable partner, large format digital labels have been installed on shelves and baskets to display item prices in real time. Nicolis Project is able to offer an easy and fast electronic labelling system that is ready to be implemented, as the system is provided with a full kit composed of rails, clamps and single label holders to facilitate shelf positioning.

The Interactive Shelf Labels (ISL) implemented at Capurso Cash & Carry are equipped with an e-paper display that ensures perfect information visibility by simulating the visual effect of ink on paper. Price updating is automatically and remotely managed to improve ease and speed of operations, so that staff do not need to go to the store aisles to change paper labels and manually handle special offer items. Moreover, the prices shown at checkout perfectly match those displayed on shelves.

As it is typical of most Cash & Carry stores, the Capurso one too features high ceilings and industrial metal shelving for product display. The flexible communication infrastructure of Hanshow electronic labels enables large stores as well to take advantage of this technology.

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