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Electronic shelf labels are the best choice you can make for your store

Electronic shelf labels are a technology born to change the way prices and information are displayed in retail stores, in the industrial sector, in pharmacies and perfume shops. With highly visible e-paper displays and a reliable communication system on which they are based, they are just more than a price tag: electronic shelf labels make it possible to optimize all the store’s activities.

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Why should you install electronic shelf labels?

When dealing with lots of products, it is very important to have a hold on the way information is given to customers. Electronic shelf labels give the opportunity to communicate clearly and immediately every price change, since the update can be managed remotely in few seconds. If you work in supermarkets, pharmacies and perfume shop, this could let you to implement innovative and more effective pricing strategies.

Store operations increase: thanks to the multiple pages of the electronic shelf labels, the staff can have access to additional information (such as the amount of stock, expiry date, stock shortages or re-orders in progress) that eases shelf supply. Electronic shelf labels solve most of the problems due to human errors during the preparation of the store, optimizing and speeding up the work of the staff, who is able to dedicate more time to customer care.

Electronic shelf labels can be used in industrial production lines, becoming a strategic monitoring tool. At each step, the electronic labels provide operators with status and other information to verify, so to optimize the execution times of every activity.

Electronic shelf labels offer customers a better shopping experience, with well-highlighted information, products that are easier to find on the shelf, prices always up to date. Thanks to a more orderly and refined sales point, shopping becomes more practical and pleasant.

Improve the way you communicate in your store